What is Run91 ?

RUN91 is a Rally from a start point to an end point with plenty of photo opportunities, car-related events, unique locations, and great roads along the way! The route consists of several checkpoints that drivers must stop at. The roads and checkpoints are specifically chosen for a safe and enjoyable drive. Registered drivers will be given a package comprised of t-shirts, stickers, maps, and more! Supercar rallies have existed for quite a while now, however there has never been a rally aimed at the everyday car enthusiast looking to have a great time. We believe in a diverse car community, and wish to provide enthusiasts like us opportunities to participate in great events!

When and Where ?

May 25th – May 26th

BBCR – CMP – Perth Brewery – CTMP GP (Camping) – CTMP DDT (CSCS)

How do I register?

To register hit the “REGISTER NOW” button ! 


For footage and reviews of the 2018 rally, click on the button below!

RUN91 : 2018

We take pride in the feedback we receive and look forward to improving where we can! We noted any and all complaints, we hope to address any issues that came up for next years event! Continue below to read feedback from the first 2018 Run91 Rally.

  • Event was very amazing and fun. Had a blast doing the rally and heading up to Toronto. The team was friendly and amazing. Improvements maybe keeping the crew team 2 crew team at the back 2 in the middle and then 2 upfront. Maybe make the crew lead the pact so that way there is no confusion. When the White car was first and took the wrong way. That situation could of cause accident on the road. Other then that It was a 5 out 5 star for the event and would like to participate next year again. Also I wouldn’t mind to give a extra hand to help out with the event if needed. Thanks Again TGF for the event and to the next time. Returning? Yes
  • It was an absolutely great time and well worth the money and trip length. The weather could have obviously been better but when you’re planning an event of this scale you only have so much control. I’d highly recommend it to any of my automotive inclined friends. 10/10 would rally again. Returning Yes

  • Maybe less roads with lights. The convoy was always split in two because of it and start earlier. Other than this it was an amazing experience ! Maybe add license plate cover. I’d rock it for sure ! Returning Yes

  • Overall fun weekend, aside from the rain. Car show was the highlight of the trip. Where the rally can improve is having better better communication to the whole group after each stop. Actually telling the group who to follow, where we are going to avoid confusion. (Google maps leading the way after the group photo.) Having the organizers spread out in the rally. One in front, behind one in the middle of the pack. Leaving earlier/on time would be nice aswell. Adding a few more things to do in the rally.
    Tldr; Fun first rally, sucks that it rained, better communication. Returning? Yes