I am an image maker and video creator residing in Ottawa, Ontario who specializes is capturing the world in a unique and interesting way; I am also slightly automotive obsessed. 

After studying Architecture & Design, as well as Computer Engineering I decided to pursue a career in photography – I know what you’re thinking, why the complete switch? Let me explain. Growing up my family had a camera sales, film development, and camera repair shop. I grew up in the shop learning about how a camera makes an image and how film is developed – you could say my career path was exposed to me at a young age. Between school, and messing about with cameras – I was an avid fan of motorsports and everything automotive related. I wanted to be a racing driver but with that took a lot of funds which were difficult to come by. Using the tools I had, I started to make many friends and clients at many tracks and clubs thus taking me on some pretty wild experiences. 

My name is Kishan Sondagar, owner and operator of TGF Media INC. and I would love to have the opportunity to make your vision a reality through the use of my creative ability and extremely talented team.